Reviews of "Evolution"

Reviews of "Evolution"

Evolution picked as one of the TOP 10 Jazz Releases of 2009 by Jazz journalist Gene Seymour. “Gordon’s gorgeous tone, solid center of gravity and quicksilver facility on the saxophone were never in question from the time he won the prestigious Monk competition in 1996. What has gone relatively unnoticed, however, are his considerable gifts as a composer and bandleader; all of which get their most formidable display on this ambitious, varied blend of pieces for large ensemble, duo (with pianist Bill Charlap) and string section. Each piece, no matter what its design or tactics, braces you with a dual charge of broadening possibilities and heightened stakes. The effort alone reinforces one’s certainty that jazz, in whatever form or venue, has a future for anyone who isn’t afraid to issue or take a dare.”

Evolution picked as one of the top Jazz c.d’s released in 09 by Jazz Journalist Neil Tesser- “On his inspiring Evolution (ArtistShare), Jon Gordon places his piquant alto in settings that range from sax-piano duo to string trio to chamber jazz ensemble, in a tour-de-force from an under-the-radar master.”

The Jazz Journal-"Evolution was one of the Best Jazz Records of 2009"- Brian Morton

Evolution picked as one of the Top Jazz Releases of 09 by the Penguin Guide to Jazz.

All About Jazz Italy- Evolution rated 4+1/2 stars out of 5.

The term "chamber jazz" seems inadequate to describe the brilliant music on the new CD by saxophonist Jon Gordon. Aside from the rhythm section, there are horns and strings, all beautifully arranged by Gordon and trombonist Alan Ferber, but the album still manages to be far more subversive than the word "chamber" would suggest. The instrumentation is just the right combination for compositions that surprise the listener at every turn. Gordon's title tune is an absolute knock out, with horns snaking their way through as strings build in the background. Part of the album's charm lies in its dynamics. Following the grandeur of "Evolution," Gordon slows down for a sinuous sax solo, paired with the excellent pianist, Bill Charlap. Several cuts feature the gorgeous vocalese of Kristin Berardi blending right into the instruments. The other players contribute greatly to what is clearly a stunning ensemble recording. - Rochester City Paper, Ron Netsky

Evolution is “rich in texture and full of great ideas. Highly Recommended!”- Paul Blair- Hot House Magazine.

Picked as a “C.D. of the Week” by

"Masterfully woven, this moody, mysterious, introspective music really soars..."-  Paul De Barros, Down Beat Magazine

“Evolution sparkles with mature ideas, unbridled creativity, and soul-searching profundity. There is also polished musicianship throughout. This is where the special quality of the music of this record lies—that it is not just built on an edifice of ideas suggested by its title, but on the superb development and delivery of these through an extravagantly aural suite...” - All About Jazz

“A luminous new album”.... Nate Chinen- NY TIMES

“A Lovely work. This music sings and leaves the listener enthralled... This program is serious yet alive with possibilities.... a highly individualized statement of purpose, of growth as a composer, arranger and orchestrator.- Richard Kamins- The Hartford Courant

Jon Gordon, “Evolution” (ArtistShare). This is a sterling record by Gordon.- The Buffalo News

Jon's previous release, "Within Worlds", selected as one of the Best Jazz releases in 08, and as one of the the Best of the past decade by Down Beat Magazine.

Press quotes

"Jon is one of the greatest alto players ever"

- Phil Woods

"Gordon has embraced the history of his instrument, carrying with it the ability to extend music as a universal language"

- Wayne Shorter

"Not only a great soloist, but also possesses a gorgeous tone."

- Kenny Washington

..."a masterful young altoist with a brilliant future ahead of him".

- Joe Lovano

"One of the finest musicians of his generation and deserves a great deal more recognition than he has received from the jazz media."

- Ken Dryden

4 + 1/2 Stars-"Gordon has created a multifaceted statement that invites repeated investigations. He's onto something important."

- Down Beat